Art Gallery
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Art Gallery

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Supportiamo l’arte ed il bisogno di esprimersi e comunicare attraverso l’immagine e la pittura, consapevoli di quanto ciò sia un’importante parte poetica ed ancestrale di noi. Ospitiamo perciò in questa nostra pagina un’esposizione temporanea di opere, fotografie o pittura, di artisti che abbiamo coinvolto su tematiche affini o complementari al mondo dell’architettura. Una brevissima introduzione scritta direttamente dall’artista apre ciascuna esposizione, mentre di ogni immagine trovate titolo e info a cura dell’autore.
Ciclicamente tema ed artista cambiano: un modo per conoscere autori e lavori nuovi, e lasciarsi stupire dai diversi modi di declinare la bellezza. Naturalmente potete contattare gli artisti per ogni richiesta in merito ai loro lavori.

Viktor Mácha

From the Author: “Cheap Chinese steel, politically motivated desire for greener continents and epocal advances of production technologies in the last few years have been changing our world beyond recognition. The industrial revolution ended and the dinosaurs in the form of majestic blast furnaces and metallic-squeaking headframes are close to dying out. With the gradual attenuation of industry, a significant part of our culture that created the 20th century is disappearing in front of our eyes.“


Viktor Mácha (1984) comes from Prague where he attended Theology and Religious Studies at Charles University. Since 2006 he has been travelling around the world at his own expense, documenting the heavy industrial sites such as iron works, steel works, rolling mills, forges, foundries and coke plants. Currently his archive comprises of several hundreds of mills stretching from the American Midwest to the Asian part of Russian Urals.
The only aim of these photographs is to objectively document the technological processes connected with steel making and shaping and to communicate the steel industry as an important and unreplaceable part of our society and culture.
It is possible that our generation will be one of the last to experience the fascinating world of dark, rumbling factories.


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