New Parma province headquarter competition

  • Promoter: Provincia di Parma
  • Location: Parma, Italy
  • Surface: 13.500 sqm
  • Year: 2009
  • Prize: Second place
  • Chief Architect: Stefano Dosi
  • Team:
    Igeam Srl, D.Insinga & C. Srl
  • Collaborators:
    Claudia Cirolli, Valentina Guerrini, Antonio Mularoni (StudioDosi), Giuseppe Todisco (Igeam), Federico Santarosa (Insinga), Giuseppe Orselli (landscape), ClimaGrun BZ (botanic)


It's our proposal for a two stages competition helded by Provincia di Parma, Italy, in which we placed second. It is the attempt to finally combine aesthetics and sustainability issues, merging the two parts in a controlled quest for identity and full functionality.

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In march 2009 Provincia di Parma (Parma, north of Italy) issued a twophase architectural competition for its new headquarter building. The dwelling should have been zero CO2 emission and built with sustainable attitudes and strong prescriptions about materials, comfort, air treatments etc.

77 international groups took part in the first selection. 15 were shortlisted. These shortlisted groups submitted their proposals and in February 2010 the results were published. StudioDosi was second. Other well-known names in architect’s world like Kengo Kuma, Mario Cucinella, Oriol Bohigas, 5AA+1 and others were behind, some gaining mentions some do not. StudioDosi (Stefano Dosi, italian engineer with specialization in architectural field) was the chief of a group of three. Two other firms, Igeam Srl & Insinga Srl, took part in the project, each for its own core-activity (i.e. sustainability & plants, and structural design). The rest of the group was formed by collaborators, all Italian architects, engineers and botanists: Claudia Cirolli, Valentina Guerrini e Sara Fabbri (from StudioDosi), Giuseppe Todisco (Igeam), Federico Santarosa (Insinga), Giuseppe Orselli (botanist & landscape), ClimaGrun (botanist). The group is formed by all young italian architects and engineers.

It’s a compact public offices building, three levels above ground and one underground for some 13.500 sqm, in which the architectural solution strongly matches with technological & performance requests. Its main features are the double skin treatment (the inner one is double glazed with wide in-between air space, while the outer envelope is made by an irregular shaped climbing vegetable stripes), the great use of socialization spaces as connections, the vertical cuts that emphasize accesses. The great flexibility of the internal space allows a real modulation of all the demanded functions.

The most important bioclimatic aspects which was considered were green as component and “active” element, the quest for perfect natural light, ventilated walls and the natural air extraction through “wind’s towers” and strong attention to social comfort. No CO2 emissions, waste water collection, geothermal plant, thermal & photovoltaic solar panels, A+ energy class, attention to future disposal (ANAB & Ecolabel materials), soil maximum permeability: functionality and performance with a strong identity are the keys for this “Palace of Environment, Agriculture and Innovation” as Provincia di Parma named its new headquarters. It is the attempt to finally combine aesthetics and sustainability issues, merging the two parts in a controlled quest for identity and full functionality.

The estimated cost is less than EUR 10,000,000, as budgeted by the Province of Parma for this development.